Toast Tips -
how to make a great toast

As we all prepare in advance of the BIG day, here are some tips and guidelines to follow when preparing your
speech for presenting at the wedding. As a bonus for receiving and reading this, some extra resources are available at the end of the following page.

The length of your toast should ft comfortably within approximately 3-4 minutes. As is often said, “brevity is the soul of wit”. If you would like to request a longer time frame for presenting an actual speech, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss modifying the reception agenda to include that.

In order to best manage the paper that you will be reading your speech from, typing it out on a computer and printing it off onto full size card stock paper can be very helpful. If you don’t have access to any card stock paper in the normal, 8-1/2 x 11 letter size, please see the “Email Your Speech” section below and I’ll have it printed on card stock for you.

Do not make your font size too small. Wedding receptions are not often lit as brightly as your home office may be.
Larger font makes reading your speech easier if you run into a situation where the light has been set at a very dim level. 15 point Arial or 15 point Times New Roman font is generally a nice and easy to read size and font style for anyone public speaking.

Unless you have plenty of experience speaking with microphones, the easiest way to use a microphone if you’re nervous about where it should be held, is to simply hold it gently with one hand and let it rest against your chin.
This way, no matter what direction you move towards, the microphone will follow your head movements and what you’re saying will be perfectly clear for everyone. A wireless handheld microphone will be provided to you ahead of your speech. Following your speech, please pass it to the next individual speaking (I will provide you guidance on this at the reception).

Some of the most memorable speeches I’ve witnessed have taken place with the aid of photographs being displayed onscreen, accompanying what was being said about the individual. There was also that time when a “long- forgotten” video was dusted off and presented for everyone’s enjoyment at the reception! Depending on the specific venue setup and wedding reception layout, I may be able to operate a projector and screen for your benefit if requested. Please contact me to inquire about having audio/visual support at 405-743 8303 

If you would like me to have your speech printed and ready for you on easy to read card stock, please email it to me requesting that. Either way, emailing me your speech ahead of time is always a good idea so that I have a backup printed copy of it in case your copy goes missing on the day of the wedding. Please email me your speech anytime prior to the Wednesday before the wedding 

In order to accomplish the best visual for everyone in the room (and a host of other reasons that you’ll thank me for later!), you will be delivering your speech from one of a few different places, depending on your seating placement at the reception. On occasion, the room layout changes things, but unless otherwise instructed, you will most likely be standing on the dance foor or near the cake table. A table will not be provided and at least one hand will be holding a microphone so your toasting drink may be a few steps from you (if you're holding notes).


Finally, if you’re presenting a toast (as opposed to a “welcome”), don’t forget to have your glass with you and to complete the toast by asking everyone to stand and join you in raising your glass to the person(s) being toasted (use their real names though, don’t actually say bride/groom/couple). If you’re presenting a welcome to the family, you may bring your glass up with you and, in combination with your welcome, propose a toast “to the couple”, but this is not necessary.

If any of the information contained within this document requires additional explanation, please call or email me at your earliest convenience. I welcome all questions and of course want nothing but the absolute best experience for the special couple that we hold in common for this celebration.

Yours truly,

Chasen Shaw
Wedding Entertainment Director® Master of Ceremonies // Disc Jockey





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